Using the silent film, ‘Soar’ (see link below), Y4 made incredible progress with their writing skills!  As we watched each expressive nuance, every subtle action, we were able to find our narrative voice to describe what we could see happening.  We watched it little by little each day, pausing each time to explore new vocabulary and (using film stills) plan what we would include in each paragraph that we would compose.  We then edited these, making our own improvements, before typing up our final draft.  We are all so proud of what we accomplished over this week of writing!!

Before anything, though, we just HAD to explore the language of flight: glide, fly, soar, lift, swoop…  And we just HAD to design and make paper planes to do this!

Look at our plans and editing work!  We typed up our final drafts on the computer.

Click on the links below – We hope you enjoy our final drafts as much as we enjoyed the process of composing these wonderful narratives!!

Kacey Josh Kajetan Miley Lila Rose Mollie Shay Nadia Simeon Sophie Sophia Verity Wilf Alfie Zac Anna Charlotte Bogdan Daniel Erin Emily Gwen Harrison Holly Hayden Jayden Jessica Jed