“I was asked by Mrs Whitelaw to come in and show Year 4 children how to paint using acrylic paints and a palette knife for the very first time. We looked at the artwork of Flordia’s Highwaymen Painters for inspiration –


-then experimented with sticky acrylic paint and flat palette knives to spread and work with it on card. It wasn’t easy but we persisted and started getting creative with it. Then we went for the big one- painting in the same way but each on an individual canvas frame! Our results were as varied and amazing as the children themselves- so many different ways of painting with lots of care and concentration to produce their own original artwork.

The fabulous results speak for themselves. I also really enjoyed working in your school with such polite and friendly people and I’d love to work with you again to do something else just as exciting!

Chris Howlett- Teacher and Artist