As children of Wallsend, the legacy of the Romans forms a part of everyday life for the pupils of Y4.  After all, we have Segedunum, our shopping centre is called ‘The Forum’ and our town sits at the END of Hadrian’s WALL…

So, we began by sharing what we already knew about the things that were introduced or improved by the Romans. First, we wrote down two things that each of us KNEW about the Romans in our local area, as well as the rest of Britain and two questions we would like to have answered about the Romans.  We helped Mrs. Whitelaw put all of this information together for us and displayed each change the Romans brought to Britain around our classroom.


Then we used sort cards to decide what we thought were the most important things the Roman Empire left with us, ranking them in a formation with the most important changes the Romans made to our lives at the top.

Then we discussed our ideas.  And finally, each of us decided on our top 3, explaining why we thought our number one choice was the most important thing the Romans left us with:


Check out this great link:,all%20introduced%20by%20the%20Romans.