We have been learning all about the Location, Settlements, Physical Geography (including Climate) and Human Geography of County Durham.

Mrs.Whitelaw made a TERRIBLE Powerpoint all about County Durham under these 4 headings!  Take a look!

MW’s slide on Location

MW’s slide on settlements

MW’s slide 1 on Physical Geography

MW’s slide 2 on Physical Geography

MW’s slide on human geography

Rubbish, huh!

Mrs. Whitelaw challenged each of us to use our learning to create our own, far better PowerPoint all about County Durham.  When she saw what we had each accomplished, she gasped in amazement at the Geography knowledge we had acquired!  Come and take a look at what we each accomplished!  We think you will agree that we have all met Mrs. Whitelaw’s challenge – and more!

Emily’s Durham powerpoint,  Mollie’s PPT on Durham, Miley DurhamJed’s Durham powerpoint,  Josh DurhamKacey DurhamGwen DurhamDurham KajetanDurham NadiaDurham JessicaDURHAM JaydenDurham HaydenDurham HarrisonDurham by ZacDurham by VerityDurham by Lila-RoseDurham by AnnaDurham by HollyDaniel DurhamDURHAM AlfieBogdon’s Durham powerpointCharlotte Durham pptWilfs DurhamSOPHIA DURHAMSimeon DurhamShay Durham,  and Sophie Durham PPT.