Y4 Art: Marvellous Monet

Y4 Art: Marvellous Monet

We have been learning all about Claude Monet, who was one of the main impressionist artists.  Monet was born in Paris in 1840 and as a child he showed great talent as an artist. In 1872 he painted a picture of a harbour using very loose brushstrokes. He called the picture Impression, Sunrise and exhibited it along with paintings by his friends who also painted ‘en plein air’ – meaning outside. The artists became known as the impressionists after the title of Monet’s painting.

The progression of our lessons so far has been:

-observing, exploring and discussing Monet’s paintings and his quick, gestural brushstrokes.

-exploring watercolours and mixing colours.

-trying out the techniques of quick dabs ‘en plein air’ and colour mixing on the watercolour paper, rather than the pallette.

-using these techniques to copy a small section of Monet’s ‘water lilies’ in order to capture the whole array of colour shades that fill the section.

-further exploration of these techniques in our own ‘en plein air’ paintings.

-choosing between two of Monet’s paintings to produce our own copy in his unique style.

Look at how superbly we have applied the art skills we have developed through learning about Monet to our final products!!!  Through our Geography theme of North America, we are going to develop our knowledge and painting skills even further when we learn about ‘The Florida Highwaymen’ artists (who were inspired by Monet) through our North America explorations …