On Wednesday, 18th September, Y3 spent the day at Wallsend’s Rising Sun Country Park where they took part in many activities that people would have taken part in since the Stone Age.  Led by Heather and Ged, we took part in threshing, winnowing and grinding the wheat to make flour.


Threshing is the process of removing the grain of wheat from the stalk and husk.  We put our wheat in sacks and gave it a good beating!  Winnowing is the process that separates the mixed up pile of grain, stalk, and husk so that the edible grain can be sifted.  We blew on our baskets of wheat kernels to do this!


Then we ground the kernels to make flour.


We then mixed the flour with water, adding a pinch of salt, and cooked our bread on an open fire.  Our flat breads cooked fast!  We ate them with honey …yum!




After lunch, we ventured into the forest to build our own dens from all the natural materials we could find.  The Iron Age Hut at the Rising Sun was definitely the finest den around!