Y3’s Prehistoric Pottery

Y3’s Prehistoric Pottery

Last Wednesday we had a visit from Sarah Lord, an iron age woman who taught us all about the history of pottery from the Palaeolithic era to the Iron Age.  We made our own Prehistoric pots using natural objects and tools that Prehistoric people would have used.  You can see it all here!  What a fantastic day we had!

First, we looked at a timeline from the Ice Age up to the Romans occupation of Britain…

Then we explored the types of clay pots made from Mesolithic era to the Iron age…  People created fancier and fancier designs:


We even looked at clothing and tool replicas from prehistoric times:


We loved the feel of real cow hide!


Then we designed our own prehistoric pots and used tools from that time to make them:


Look at some of our finished products!  We are so proud of our work!  Sarah is going to fire them and we should get our finished products back soon!  We can’t wait!