English and Art Work on ‘The Twits’ in Year 3

English and Art Work on ‘The Twits’ in Year 3

Year 3 have been reading ‘The Twits’ and are producing some wonderful pieces of work as a result.  They wrote poems about Mr. Twit’s beard using partitives.  A partitive tells you how much of something you’ve got – E.g. ‘a dollop of…’, ‘a morsel of…’, ‘a clump of…’, etc.  Here’s some of their poems:

img_6682 img_6683 img_6684 img_6685 img_6686img_6687img_6689

They also created collages of Mr. Twit’s beard in their sketch books:

img_6617 img_6623 img_6622

In addition, they made mini-books about Mr. and Mrs. Twit’s Tricks, adding some of their own devious ideas, as well as drawing just like Quentin Blake!

img_6626 img_6629 img_6632 img_6630

img_6690 img_6691

In order to create a fantastic display in our classroom, we will be working on comprehension, drama, character reviews, and painting the drawings of The Twit’s characters this week…  Ooh, we can’t wait!