Year 2’s dinosaur adventure

Year 2’s dinosaur adventure

Year 2 were left stunned this week after experiencing some unusual events. We came into school on Wednesday morning to find that on Tuesday evening, dinosaurs had invaded. We were shocked as we had been learning that dinosaurs were extinct! After some serious thought we decided to investigate, not before checking that the teachers involved in the previous nights antics were ok.

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We we could not figure out why the dinosaurs had come. We quickly realised that they couldn’t have been hunting for food as they didn’t eat anyone. We did wonder how so many dinosaurs from different periods appeared all at the same time. It was then we realised that the must be looking for something. We decided to go on a hunt. So we put on our Palaeontologists hats and set off. We were amazed to excavate dinosaur bones and fossils from the school grounds.


However, we’re still not convinced this was the reason they came. So we decided to set up a dinocam in our classroom. Watch this space for our Dino findings ….