In English, Year 2 have been very busy learning all about postcards.

Mrs Watson very kindly let Year 2 get their hands on the hundreds of postcards that she has collected from all over the world. Some have come from as far away as Bombay, Singapore and Australia. We had great fun locating the countries on a map to work out which postcard had travelled the furthest.

This gave us an excellent opportunity to look at all the features of a postcard and plenty of food for thought when it came to writing our own. We were particularly engaged with the stamps and the customary “P.S” at the end.

We’re learning all about capital cities and their features in Geography, so postcards have certainly come in handy as Year 2 have taken a virtual trip around the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Do you know how the Union Jack is put together? Ask any child in Year 2 to find out, you will be amazed.

Our virtual trip finished in Newcastle Upon Tyne where, in Computing, we’ve researched the iconic landmarks that make up our fantastic city. We were surprised at how many we’d been to!

Miss Shackford let us design our own postcards with our favourite landmark on and we were delighted to find out we would be writing and posting our designs to someone in our class – complete with real-life stamps!

Year 2 then had a trip out to our local postbox where we posted our lovely postcards. We were lucky enough to see and have a chat with the postman on our way.

We eagerly await the arrival of our postcards back at school and are excitedly following the journey of our postcards through the sorting office. Miss Shackford has taught us all about what happens to our mail once it’s posted. A lot of us thought the post-person took it back to their house to sort through at home!

Keep up the great work Year 2 and keep sending me postcards from all of your exciting trips. Miss Shackford x