The scientists in Year 2 have worked very hard this week.

Year 2 are continuing to look at plants, a topic which the children have absolutely loved so far. We’ve made and tested lots of predictions using our superb observation skills. Our favourite experiment was exploring if plants need soil to germinate and grow, it turns out they don’t!

This week we set about investigating where in our school grounds the most popular species of plants grow. We took a hoop and a plastic wallet and put our hoop down where we thought we would find the most species of plants. We then carefully put samples of the plants into our wallets and took them back inside to observe, identify and draw. Miss Shackford took us to a contrasting area of our school grounds so we could contrast two locations. We discovered that there were more species of plants in the forest than there were on the field.

We all had great fun learning about the different types of plants we found. There’s no surprise that sticky weed was the one that we all liked the most!

Keep up the hard work, lovely Year 2 x