After a restful week off for Half Term, Year 2 are back eating in dinner in the hall again (hurray!).

However, Miss Shackford had a problem as she didn’t know which material would be the most ABSORBENT for wiping up Year 2’s spillages from the tables.

Miss Shackford tasked Year 2 with designing and conducting an experiment to test which material was the most absorbent. We first of all each made a prediction; a lot of children thought the card would be the most absorbent as it was the thickest material.

The Year 2 Scientists impressed Miss Shackford very much as they decided that it was important that the experiment was a fair one. Year 2 decided to use the same amount of water and let the materials mop up the spills for the same amount of time.

As Miss Shackford was so impressed, she let Year 2 use special scientific equipment which came all the way from Year 6; stopwatches and pipettes. The latter of which we quickly realised the danger of if they were used the wrong way round!