It’s all been very exciting in Year 2 this week.

We’ve been reading Code Nama Bananas by David Williams which we all absolutely LOVE and can’t get enough of. Gertrude the gorilla has just escaped from the zoo amidst the 1940 Blitz. Year 2 had a lively discussion about where Gertrude might be hiding and any possible clues there could be as to her whereabouts.

But then… Miss Shackford received a text message… which prompted us to check the school CCTV… A gorilla, possibly Gertrude, at our school! We couldn’t believe it.

Frederick the zoo keeper had asked Year 2 to send him a list of any clues, with description, so off we went outside to look. Sure enough, out on the playground, there were plenty of clues showing us that Gertrude had definitely visited our school… We were sure to use a whole range of excellent adjectives to describe the clues we found and set about compiling them into spectacular lists, complete with commas.

What adjectives would you use to describe the clues that we found?