Settling into Year 2

Settling into Year 2

Year 2 have worked really hard since coming back to school after a lovely summer holiday!  Of course we made sure we made the most of the last summer sun by practicing our orienteering skills on the school field. We made some amazing smiley faces after hunting for clues hidden around the playground.

We’ve been working so hard on our handwriting over the last few weeks. We’re hoping that we can be the neatest writers in school by the end of Year 2 but we’re going to have to keep up the hard work because we’re sure everyone else wants to be the neatest too. In maths we have been learning place value and we could partition some tricky 3 digit numbers! Our favourite thing so far has been reading the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We loved finding out why all of the crayons decided they’d had enough! Our favourite was the peach crayon! We practiced our best letter writing skills and sent letters to Duncan explaining why we were so cross.

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Our super work is on display outside of our classroom on The Wall of Fame!