‘Forest School’ in Year 1

Year 1 donned the famous St Columba’s red suits and participated in one of many new ‘Forest School’ sessions with Miss O’Connor. The session was linked to Year 1’s English work; a scary troll left the children lots of exciting activities to explore!




The children made leaf crowns and independently decided to make the troll party food in the mud kitchen! Yum!


Miss O’Connor and Miss Monteith were genuinely blown away by the children’s immediate increase in their self belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm and problem solving skills!




The troll left the children a note saying he was so cold at night. They worked together amazingly well to build him a cosy den! Wow just look how strong they are carrying those logs!


“I will use this piece as a pillow because it is so soft and turns to sawdust.”

“We need to join these sticks together to make him a fire!”


“I’ve made a bridal for a horse!”

“It’s a trap for the troll!”


Magic potions and spells were made using glitter and leaves. The children loved this and said “Can we really make a mess?” The session was nearing an end, so it was time for some warming hot chocolate. Year 1 remembered the ‘Fire Circle’ rules brilliantly from Nursery and displayed impeccable behaviour at all times!



Quiet reflection time is a wonderful part of ‘Forest School.’ It is very important that children are given pockets of time to return to their natural rhythm which supports healthy emotional development.

We hope the troll had a super nights sleep in his new den! The best classrooms really ‘are’ roofed only by the sky!