Year One and Space

Year One made an ‘out of this world’ effort with their learning in the Spring Term during our space topic.

We produced some super space related writing such as an alien’s diary and newspaper reports for the moon landing in 1969. Year One have been learning lots of exciting historical facts about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew to help with their non-fiction writing. We even designed posters advertising the moon landing on television. Year One ended the Spring Term by creating some wonderful space poetry. We used our adjectives to create an alien and used our rhyming words to imagine what the alien might see on Earth!



In Maths we have been busy learning about fractions. We met Zog the alien who needed help and luckily Year One were great at helping him.


We have been using our space compass to give each other simple directions in Geography. We can use the compass directions to find things on our space map.

In Science, Year One were busy recording the weather for a cold week in January and even made predictions about what the weather would be like in the future weeks and seasons. We have also been busy completing experiments. We learnt how moon craters were made and why ice on our planet is melting. We thought about how the melting ice caps are causing the polar bears to become endangered here on Earth. Then we investigated what happens to jellybeans in water.


Using our art and design skills, we all made our very own rockets. They were all great!

Also this term, even though the snow tried to stop us, we celebrated our love of reading and books by dressing up for World Book day. The costumes were fantastic! Which characters can you spot?

Before the Easter holidays we made a Lenten tree and decorated it with our Lenten promises. We learnt about the Easter story and enjoyed role-playing the story of Palm Sunday. Then we ended the term with a thoughtful and lovely liturgy where we thanked Jesus and remembered the Easter story.