Y4 are learning that friendship is like a bridge between people –  it needs to be strengthened, maintained or repaired.  They are beginning to learn that in every relationship there is always need for reconciliation.

We talked about bridges, what they do and why we need them.  We thought carefully about how we had constructed our bridges in Design and Technology: A bridge needs to be built from both sides.  A bridge must be strong enough for people to walk on.  Bridges span or stretch across things.

A bridge needs to be cared for and looked after otherwise it will just fall down.

We then read the story of Poppy and Charlotte, discussed their friendship – how it began and grew, and how it began to disintegrate.  We discussed what steps could be taken to repair the relationship and related this to our own experiences.

We then wrote on pieces of card the steps that Poppy and Charlotte could take to help bring them closer together again and to ‘bridge’ the gap between them.

We displayed these steps on our bridges.