RE in Nursery

In RE we have been been looking at what a ‘celebration’ is and how the parish family celebrate. What is a celebration? Why do people celebrate? Can you celebrate on your own?


We looked at photos of ourselves at our Christmas party. We noticed our special clothes, special food and the fun we  had together.

We listened to the story of the ‘Presentation of Jesus at the Temple’ and discussed our parish church, the priest and the congregation.


As part of of our ‘Celebration’ topic we celebrated Chinese New Year! We turned our home corner into a Chinese Restaurant and the children made Chinese dragons. Our Chinese parents generously made traditional food and bought sweets and prawn crackers to share.



Our new RE topic is ‘Gathering.’ We will be talking about the times we gather together with others and how it makes us feel. We have a new area to gather together and read stories about Jesus. We know that we are a Catholic school because we say our prayers together, we attend mass on a Sunday and we always have Jesus in our hearts!