Hot & Cold topic in Reception

Hot & Cold topic in Reception

It as been a busy half term in Reception. The children have enjoyed doing many activities linked to our Hot and Cold topic.

We read the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. The story is about the friendship between and a little boy and a penguin. The children loved finding out about penguins and where they come from. There was some fantastic home learning work brought in from the children linked to our story.

The children enjoyed painting their own penguin pictures.

They did some beautiful writing, trying hard to remember their finger spaces, for our display in the classroom.

They also enjoyed playing in our role play area this term – The Travel Agents.

Some of the children took in their holiday pictures of hot and cold places they have been to and enjoyed sharing them with the class. We looked at maps and found England and Wallsend and lots of other lovely places we would all like to travel to in the future.