A Great Start to Reception!

A Great Start to Reception!

Welcome to Reception everyone!

What a lovely, busy few weeks we have had getting to know each other in Reception.

The children have been brilliant at waving goodbye and coming into the classroom in the morning. They have been learning the new routines and have been enjoying working together and making friends.

We have enjoyed time in the school hall doing a Write Dance session.

We have been thinking about initial sounds in words and we have been practising writing some of our letters sounds.

The children have enjoyed playing different number games together.

The children have especially loved exploring the different programs on the interactive whiteboard and working on the classroom computers and ipads.

School lunch is the best time of the day for most of the children. We have had no tears going into the hall and lots of clean plates all round!


Thank you to all the parents for your support so far and helping us settle the children into school so well 🙂