School Uniform

Uniform Policy (pdf format)

COVID-19 amendment to the Uniform Policy: The only difference to the normal routine will be that on the day your child does P.E. pupils are advised to come to school in their P.E. kit – trainers, black, grey or navy jogging bottoms, a t-shirt with their school sweatshirt or cardigan.  We plan to hold all P.E. lessons outdoors, so as the weather turns cooler, please make sure your child is suitably equipped with warm clothing.

At this time, we understand that some parents have had difficulty sourcing uniform, such as school jumpers from suppliers. In these circumstances, allowances will be made.

School Uniform

All children from Nursery up to Year 6 should wear the correct school uniform and follow the correct procedures.

  • Grey trousers / grey shorts / grey skirt
  • Light blue polo t-shirt
  • Maroon sweatshirt / cardigan
  • Grey, black or white socks / grey tights
  • Black sensible shoes
  • Red & white check dress in warmer weather

PE Kit – This does not apply to nursery children

  • White Polo T-Shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Black / grey / navy tracksuit for outdoor PE, especially necessary for pupils in KS2
  • Trainers (or sandshoes for reception children)

The polo t-shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans are embroidered with the school badge and can be obtained from our uniform suppliers, Emblematic on the North Tyneside industrial estate, Longbenton (opposite Asda)

School Shoes
Could parents ensure that school shoes are all black in colour and are appropriate for school and fasten firmly to allow the children to run and play in the yard and on the field safely. No trainers should be worn except for P.E.

We appreciate that if children walk to school in the bad winter weather, boots are more appropriate. We would ask that if your child walks to school in winter boots or wellies, please could they bring their normal school shoes with them and change their footwear as soon as they get into school. During the day, we would ask that their winter shoes are kept in a named carrier bag in the cloakroom in order to aid tidiness and prevent lost property!

It is essential that all clothing is marked with the child’s name or initials.

A small, plain wrist watch is the only permitted item of jewellery which should be removed for P.E. No necklaces, bracelets or ear-rings are allowed to be worn at anytime for health and safety reasons.

Please note Smart Watches or fitness watches (Fitbits) are not permitted. 

If your child wishes to have their ears pierced, wherever possible, please could you arrange for this to take place at the beginning of the 6 weeks summer holidays to allow for the full 6 weeks healing time as stated by

Children must be able to independently remove their ear-rings at the start of the school day. In exceptional circumstances, earring retainers can be worn. Please ask at the school office for further information.

Hair Styles and Accessories
In keeping with the uniform policy at St. Thomas More Academy, we expect children to avoid extremes of fashion in uniform and appearance, particularly with regard to hairstyle. For example coloured hair and extremely short cut or shaven heads (including lines shaved in) are not acceptable (guidance: hair cut with clippers on a setting lower than a 2 is too short); large or brightly coloured hair bands and other hair accessories should not be worn.

Children are not to wear make-up including lip gloss, nail varnish or transfer tattoos for school. If such items have been forgotten to be removed, make-up wipes and nail varnish pads for sensitive skin will be available from the school office. Your child will be asked to remove their make-up, nail varnish or tattoos. Fake tan, gel nails, acrylic nails and nail extensions are not permitted.

Vaseline and Chapstick, however, is permitted especially in the cold weather.

This is in line with the policies and procedures at St. Columba’s Primary School and St. Thomas More Academy (our feeder high school).

In choosing a school that promotes school uniform, the governors assume that parents will support the teaching staff when they enforce it.