Hi Year 6 Mini Vinnies,

I just wanted to have another catch up with you. I have heard from Mary Hughes, the lady who runs the ‘Faith in Action Award’. She was asking how you were managing to gain credits at home. I sent her a list of the activities you had already taken part in before the lockdown. She was astonished at how much you had done and the variety of projects which you have been part of. In fact, she was so impressed that she is going to use some of your ideas in September to help the new Year 6 children across the region to gain their awards! So well done for being so inspiring to others!

I am determined that you should still achieve the award, so there are two things I would like you to do over the next couple of weeks.

  1. Below, you will find a table of activities you’ve already been involved in, similar to the grid in your journals. If you could fill that in and add anything which you have done over the lockdown. I’ve put a few suggestions, but anything which you know is the sort of work we would normally do as Mini Vinnies, just add it to the list. Then, just before we return to school ask an adult to sign the sheet to confirm that you completed these things.
  2. There is also a reflection session, which you could do alone or with your family. Included towards the end is a list of ideas you could complete for your final piece of work. It will be moderated by one of the Governors along with your journals. You need an idea which sums up why you do all these great things for others and how it makes you feel. It doesn’t have to be a written piece, I’ve made a list of ideas for you, but you are welcome to add your own.

If you need to check out anything with me send a message through the home learning line (homelearning@stcolumbasprimary.co.uk) and Miss Quinn or Mrs Garbutt will pass it on to me.

Best wishes

Mrs Watson

Record of credits for award May 2020 (word document)

Record of credits for award May 2020 (pdf)

Reflection at home 4.5.20 (word document)

Reflection at home 4.5.20 (pdf)