Writing in Nursery

Writing has been a big focus in Nursery this half term! Before children are able to form letters, they need to learn how to make marks. These marks can be with their finger or pictures they have drawn or painted. They are working out how writing works, how to hold their pencil, what pressure to put on the paper and how to control the marks they make. At St Columba’s we recognise the importance of having mark making and writing resources available in all areas of our early years provision. The children have loved developing their fine motor skills by threading Cheerios onto spaghetti. The level of concentration and hand eye co-ordination is evident in each photograph.



The children sported ‘writing jackets’ and explored the nursery with their notepad and pencils. There were some interesting findings!

The ‘Read Write Inc’ area is very popular and the children independently practise their letter formation and ‘sound of the week.’



In ‘Talk for Writing’ we read the story ‘Rosie’s Walk.’ It was the children’s first attempt at drawing a story map and they were amazing!




Who thought writing could be so much fun!