How lovely it has been to have our Nursery family back together again. We have celebrated by engaging in lots of exciting learning opportunities. The ‘Querks’ arrived in a green treasure chest. Mother Querk laid five beautiful big eggs. They were lovely pastel shades with different speckles of colour splashed all over them, just like real bird eggs. She knew the children in Nursery would take good care of them.

We soon realised that it doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside we are all the same underneath. We all have feelings, and yet we all have special qualities that make us unique, and make us the person we are.

Our termly topic is ‘patterns.’ We have explored pattern in many different forms. This week we looked at ‘rangoli’ patterns. The children made rangoli patterns outdoors on the ground and indoors using glitter.


We set up a pattern tray and the children initiated their own learning. They independently made repeating patterns and drew zig zags and lines.

We then looked at patterns we could find outdoors.

The week ended with us making beautiful ‘Mothers Day’ cards. We received lots of thanks so I think the ‘Mammy’s were pleased!

We hope you all had a lovely day!!