There is only one thing to do in the summer term! Visit the beach! And ‘buoy’ did we have fun doing it! We began by creating beautiful collage pictures using sand. We added our favourite sea creatures and talked about the texture of sand. We turned our home corner into a lovely gift shop and enjoyed dressing up in the flippers. The sun began to shine, so we tickled our toes in very cold water. Oh what fun we had!

In RE we talked about how friends look after and do things for one another. Rainbow was a good friend and and gave each fish one of his scales. We learned that Jesus had friends and we can be friends with Jesus.

Our story linked to the beach was ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.’ We had great fun with this. We coloured in lighthouses, played with masks and made sandwiches. We even made mustard sandwiches. Luckily the seagulls did not manage to steel them.


To add a historical element to our learning we talked about ship building in Wallsend. We watched a video of the’Royal Yacht Britannia’ being launched by the Queen. It was very exciting. We built our own ship and named it ‘Buttercup.’ We launched it and listened to ‘Rule Britannia.’

Here’s hoping we get to visit lots of beaches during our summer holidays! Who knows what you might see or find?