What an incredible half term we have had travelling the world looking at ‘Famous Landmarks.’ The children engaged with their learning in a fully immersive way. Famous landmarks enabled us to look at the world around us, as well 3D structures, height and size. We began by collecting logs at ‘Forest School’ and working together as a team to build the ‘Eiffel Tower.’

We turned our home corner into a gift shop and put up a lovely display.


We then set off to Australia to look at the amazing ‘Sydney Opera House.’ We thought it looked like a sailing boat.

On our way to the ‘Angel of the North’ we were all blessed by the ‘Holy Spirit.’ Through the medium of ‘Godly Play’ we gave each disciple a heart full of love and happiness.

We all felt happy and content so decided to fly to Italy to visit the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa and the ‘Colosseum.’ We were really good at leaning over.

In our final week we flew to New York to see the ‘Statue of Liberty.’ We had pizza and ice-cream as a special treat for all our hard work! We danced in a circle every morning to Frank Sinatra.

Who knows where our learning will take us in our final term? We can’t wait to find out!