African topic in Nursery

This half term the Nursery topic is ‘Africa’. It is a topic close to Miss O’Connor’s heart following her visit to Rwanda a few years ago.



The children have been discussing African animals, looking at colours and patterns as well as creating the warmth and happiness of Africa through music and dance.





Handa’s Surprise is a wonderful book that we love in Nursery! The children learned the names of all the animals and fruits in the story! In the writing area we talked about the ‘antelope’ and ‘avocado’ then formed the letter ‘a’ on post it notes.


Mrs Weir walked all the way to Africa and back to surprise the children with a lovely basket of fruit! It’s amazing what you can achieve in one evening! The fruit was placed in the art area and the children made observational drawings!


Copies of the story, artefacts and fruit made of felt were available to independently explore. Adult interactions consolidated the children’s understanding of the story and we cannot wait to read ‘Handa’s Hen.’