Hello Y6.  Time to get up, switch the video off and get down to some learning.

Home learning – week beginning 22nd June 

Here is a summary of the English and maths work the Y6 children who’ve returned to school have done this week.


1) we watched the video on Komodo dragons


2) we read the information text “The Komodo Dragon” (link below)

3) we analysed the information using the sheet “Can you identify and label these features of an information text?” (link below)

4) we watched some of the dragons from Game of Thrones in action


5) we became highly knowledgeable dragon experts and began writing our own information text using the ideas on “Dragons Expert” (click on link)

The Komodo dragon






Click on the “This Week’s Maths” link to see what we revised this week to help us get ready for Y7