Hello Y6 Home Learners

I hope you’re all well and are being good for your parents.


This is what the children in Y6 who have returned to school have been doing in Maths and English so far this week:


Maths: Getting Ready For Y7 (part 2)

Monday – multiplication calculations (word problems/treasure hunt)

Tuesday – Short division Lesson 1

Wednesday – Decimal division Lesson 2

Thursday – Long division Lesson 3


English: Getting Ready For Y7 (part 2)

Monday –  “Foxed” – what can she see in the mirror?

Tuesday – “Foxed” – conversation between fox and mum

Wednesday – “Foxed” writing an ending for the story

Thursday – final redraft of our “Foxed” story


Click on the links to see the lesson plans.

English Foxed


Spelling Y6 Sept to March

Multiplication Treasure Hunt

If you’ve finished your “Foxed” story, while you’re waiting for the next long writing task, why not do some revision on all (yes, all) the spellings we did in Y6.  They are all words you’ll need in Y7.


Here’s how to do it:


1) each day pick a spelling rule from the list

2) see if you can find at least 20 words which fit the rule

4) check you can spell them all correctly

3) see what’s the longest word you can find to fit the rule – make sure you know what it means.


If you want any more ideas for work to keep busy until you return to school, please email me at homelearning@stcolumbasprimary.co.uk or ring me at school next week.

Mr Keilty