A Message from Mr Keilty to Y6

A Message from Mr Keilty to Y6

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all fit and well and I hope you’re being good for your mams and dads.

I know you’ll all have just about finished the homework pack you took home with you on Friday.  Don’t worry.  We’ll be sending out more work to keep you busy. In the meantime, try some of the ideas on the homework menu that was in the pack.  If you choose some of the fun ideas, take a photo and share it for everyone to see.  If you’ve done all of those already, I’ve made a new homework menu with some wonderful new suggestions.  Click here       Homework menu 2

Check out the Y6 section of the St Columba’s website.  I’ve put up some photos I took last week.

Let’s hope we all get the chance to be together again and finish the year off properly.

Here are some photos to remind you of how hard you can work when you try.