Hello Year 5,

I hope that you have all had a lovely week, despite the weather being a little grey and miserable. How are you all getting on at home? I am missing you all and hope that you are all happy and safe.

At school this week, I have been working with some children in other classes. We have been completing some maths mystery investigations, writing stories based on animations, spending time in the forest and creating clay models.

For you at home, I would like you to try the following work this week, don’t forget to get in touch if you need any help!

Year 5 Home Learning Week 5




To convert fractions to decimals and vice versa, use your place value knowledge of tenths and hundredths. If a decimal is 0.2 (two tenths) this will be written as 2/10. For fractions which do not have the denominator of 10 or 100, use your knowledge of equivalence to convert them. e.g. 2/5 is equal to 4/10 so 2/5 as a decimal is 0.4 (four tenths).

For more help or to try a trick… watch this video (WARNING! The song gets stuck in your head!)


Decimal and Fraction matching cards



Percent means out of 100. So 35/100 is 35%.

Again, if the fraction is NOT out of 100, use your equivalence to figure out what the fraction is out of one hundred. e.g 2/10 is equal to 20/100 so 2/10 is 20% as a percentage.

Fractions to Percentages



To find 10% divide by 10. To find 1% divide by 100. (Use your conga song!)

With this knowledge you can work out any percentage… so 20% is two lots of 10%. 40% is 4 lots of 10% etc.

How would you work out 5%?! 2%?! I bet you can figure it out!

Percentages of Amounts



Apply your knowledge from yesterday with this work:

Percentage Spy Gadgets



Apply your knowledge from all week!

Fraction Decimal Percentage Equivalence



This week, I would like you to watch a lyric video and read an extract from the book ‘Wonder’. While you are reading, don’t forget to ‘think actively!’

Out There Lyrics

Out there Comprehension tasks

Extract from Wonder

Wonder Comprehension Questions



CAFOD kid zone: https://cafod.org.uk/Education/Kidz-Zone 

Personal Hygiene


Earthquake research

Eat well plate


I hope that you enjoy the activities and have a lovely week learning from home. Have some fun too! Don’t forget that you can get in touch via the home learning line or give me a call at school if you need any help or if you want to let me know what you’ve been up to.


Miss Quinn x