Hello Year 5!

I hope that you have had a good week at home with your families. I am so glad that the sun is starting to shine in time for the weekend.

This week, I have been working with some Y5s and Y6s who have been back in school. We have been exploring some more work around dragons in English/afternoons and area/perimeter in Maths.

I thought you might enjoy some of the activities that we have been up to:

Year 5 Home Learning Week 3

Have a go at any or all of the activities! Don’t forget to send me a message on homelearning@stcolumbasprimary.co.uk if you need any help, you’re unsure of anything or even if you just fancy a chat!

Have you been reading any good books at home?



Remember that perimeter means the distance all the way around the outside of a shape, adding together all the sides. In school, we had a slightly rude way to remember (you wouldn’t P in the middle of the park… remember that?!)

Area means the space inside of the shape. You find the area by multiplying. If it is a rectangle, you multiply the length and the width.
With composite shapes (shapes made up of more than one rectangle/triangle etc) remember to split the shape up into two rectangles before calculating the area. Like this:

Crime Scene Perimeters

Area of Rectangles

Area Puzzles

Area of Composite Shapes




This week’s English work is all based around this image:

Questions for discussion

Tuesday and Wednesday are based on being an ‘expert’ to write an information text. We did this with Arctic Dragons earlier in the year. Here is an example if you can’t remember what one looks like: Arctic Dragons

Story Starter

Land of Roar



Renewable and Non Renewable Energy

National Sports Week Activities at home

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zs7s4wx/articles/ztbjq6f – How do Search Engines work?

Google Search Engine Tricks

  1. Do a barrel roll – Simply type this into a Google search bar
  2. Go to Google images and type “Atari Breakout.”
  3. Type ‘askew’ into the google search bar
  4. Type ‘Google Gravity’ into the search bar and select ‘I’m feeling lucky’


I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead. Hope to see you all soon!



Miss Quinn (and Mrs Carr!)