Hi Year 5,

I hope that you are are still staying safe, being kind to your families and finding some time to work hard!

This week, I have been working with some Year 6 children who are back in school and together we have been revising some key Maths and English skills. In the afternoons, we have been having some fun by doing lots of arts and crafts, getting outside when we can and playing games. We’re hoping that the weather will improve next week and the sunshine will appear again!

It has been lovely to hear from a few of you on email. Please do get in touch on homelearning@stcolumbasprimary.co.uk or give me a call at school if you need any help, support or more activities!

This week I have suggested a few more things to keep you busy and keep your brains ticking over. Remember, you don’t have to do everything. Home learning can be hard but it is important that you keep practising our key skills. Your timetable this week looks like this:

Year 5 Home Learning Week 2

This timetable details all the work that I have provided this week. I have also included an example of our maths strategies and outlined the English in more detail.


Short Multiplication

Multiplication Treasure Hunt

Short Division

Division Word Problems

The Mystery of the Burgled Bangers Instruction Sheet

The Mystery of the Burgled Bangers Activity Sheets


Taking Flight


Human Timeline Activity

Human Timeline

Victorian Prison Activities

Victorian Prisons

St Columba’s Day

On Tuesday, it was our St Columba’s feast day! Normally, we enjoy activities together in house groups and we did think back to all the fun that we normally have together. Ice pops on the field…yum! However, we did still manage to mark the day by creating our own St Columba’s crosses with wool. What could you create a St Columba cross with at home?


Food Preparation

We also had some fun making rainbow fruit skewers and chocolate banana penguins!

I hope that you enjoy this week’s activities and hope to hear from you soon!

Take care and be good for your families. Me and Mrs Carr are missing you all.


Miss Quinn x