Dear Year 4,

Hello again! I hope you are all still keeping safe and being helpful and kind to your families.

Have you managed to do any of the curriculum work I sent last week on the Native North Americans? I hope you managed to create some good art and technology work from the topic.

For the next week, I would like you to imagine that you own a café. Choose a catchy name, work out what you are going to sell and decide on a price for each item. Think about how much ingredients cost, for example a pizza needs dough, cheese, tomato, sweetcorn etc.

  • Design a menu for your café, then take orders from your family and friends. Write out a bill for them so they know the total cost. Are you going to add a tip? Then challenge yourself to find the cheapest 3 course meal and the most expensive!
  • Design a poster for your Café, give it an appealing name!
  • Write a food review for a newspaper as if you were a customer who wants to recommend the café. You could comment on the staff, décor, facilities (wheelchair access/toilets/music)
  • Maybe you could design the layout of the café and choose colour schemes?
  • If you are really into this idea, think about the costs of running a café; staff costs, heating, crockery and cutlery. You could use some of the online shopping websites to work out the cost.

Remember to keep up with Rockstars and RMMaths too.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your café designs and you never know, you could really own one some day!

Enjoy exploring the ideas!

Stay safe

Mrs Watson