Hello Year 3!

Remember, the MOST IMPORTANT home learning you can do is to practice and secure your basic mathematics, reading and writing/spelling skills!

You can do this by reading a page every day, practicing your x tables daily until you know them inside out, and practicing your writing skulls through composing a letter to a different friend or relative every week.

If you can, send me a photo or PowerPoint of your work on Newcastle.


For Home Learning this week – punctuation skills, multiplication skills and Reading skills…

To help with your Reading skills:

Read the comprehension and answer the questions.  Remember to pick out key words from question and look for them in text which will lead you to the answer from the TEXT, not your own general knowledge!


To help with your multiplication skills:


The above link will remind you of the easy way to learn your 9 x table and copy of the Y3 x table race.  Write your answers in order on a piece of paper (you don’t need to print this off and you can always get an adult to read out the questions) and time how fast you can do it.  I bet you get faster as the week goes on!

For a challenge, work on using column multiplication to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.  I’m sending you a short PowerPoint to help remind you.


To help with your writing skills:

Work on your punctuation skills.  Get an adult to read out the sentences I’m sending, and when you write them down, place Capitals, commas and full stops where they should go.


Have a lovely, sunshine-filled week!


Mrs. Whitelaw

Comprehension and questions

multiplying 2 dig x 1 dig


punctuation x 9 table race

Year 3 Religious Education