Hello everyone!

Here’s our overview of this week’s work:

Y3 Home Learning Overview

All you need for English

Daily Practice for English:

Daily English skills week beg 29 June

List of Adverbs (handy for stage directions!):

List of adverbs

Adverbs worksheet:

adverbs to enhance stage directions

Link to how to write a script:


Example of play script based on The Twits:

play script example


Create your own play script based on a scene from the Twits!

All you need for Maths

Daily Practice for Maths:

Daily Maths skills week beg 29 June

Reasoning with division of metres:

blank metre divisions

All about tenths:


All you need for other Curriculum learning

Health and Wellbeing

Check out our relaxing Yoga moves…

Art and Emotional Wellbeing


What do you know about the area you live?  Find out all about the COUNTY we belong to…

All about Tyne and Wear

interactive globe


interactive map of the world


Geography knowledge interactive games