I am missing those of you who must still do school at home!  I am so happy to be running my own bubble in my Y3 classroom again and at least I’ve been able to work with 9 of you face to face so far…  Until we can all be together again, I’m going to be showing those of you at home a timetable of what we’ve done in our bubble so you can follow this at home too!  Please send me some news about what you’ve been up to!  I absolutely love hearing from you and seeing some of the work you’ve done and games you’ve played!

Home Learning Overview

Here is the daily 15 minute English skills practice we did every day…

Daily English skills week beg 15 June

Here is the daily 15 minute Maths skills practice we did every day…

Daily Maths skills

Don’t forget practice your times tables knowledge on this brilliant website for 10 mins every day!


And here’s our Maths worksheets:

We wrote a story about a Magic Door – follow these slides to do the same…


We looked at how animals have adapted their bodies to suit the environment they live in.  E.g. that camels have 3 rows of eyelashes and slit-like nostrils to keep out the sand that blows around the hot desert.  Take a look at the Animal Adaptations slides…

Animal Adaptations to Extreme Environments

Use these to choose your own animal and label your own animal’s adaptations…

Go on to create your own made-up animal.

What kind of environment will it live in?

What adaptations does his body have to live there?

Either draw or make a model of your animal and its environment.

Tell me all about your creature using the writing template below – take a look at the example I made for you…

Design Your Own Creature

Take a look at how our clay skills developed and improved this week and see the creatures and their environments we created

Environment/Habitat Creature
Shay river Sinkybob
Ava sea Wol
Jed ocean Starplank
Mollie lake Gooma
Jessica ocean Doltwo
Hayden forest Lectro
Amelia sea Elia
Anna ocean Woofbol
Alfie ocean Tootabob
Kacey forest Hedwiggy


And remember, stay safe when online.  Use this link for great ideas for you and your parents!


Thinking of you all!

Mrs. Whitelaw