Hello Year 3!

Home Learning this week:

Writing:  I’m sending you a picture of a book cover.   Look at it closely.   What do you think the story is all about?   What type of story could it be?  Who are the boy and girl and where are they?  Write the opening part of the story – about 8-10 sentences – and leave your reader wanting to read more!

Book Cover

Reading:  Precious Water Comprehension

Precious Water Comprehension

Spelling: Homophones – complete the sentences from this worksheet with the correct spellings of-

to/two/too blue/blew see/sea
new/knew so/sew son/sun


To help with your spelling practice, can you draw a picture to help you remember the difference between spellings.

E.g. this is one we made for ‘mane’ and ‘main’

A lion has a mane.   (we drew ‘man’ ‘eater’ to remember spelling) 

Sally is the main character in the play.  (we wrote important from the ‘I’ to remember spelling)

Spellings – homophones


Mathematics:  Have a go at these multiplication word problems… use column multiplication to solve them!

multiplication word problems


Creative:  We celebrated St. Columba’s day on Tues 9th.   Choose a picture of our school’s saint to paint/sketch/draw or even turn into a jigsaw.   There’s a Celtic cross for you to colour, or copy if you can’t print it off.  I am sending you a jigsaw template too.

Celtic Cross


Pictures of St Columba



Mrs. Whitelaw