Y3 Home Learning 29.6.20

Y3 Home Learning 29.6.20


Here’s an overview of this week:

Y3 Home Learning Overview

Year 3 have been reading ‘The Twits’.

They wrote poems about Mr. Twit’s beard using partitives.

A partitive tells you how much of something you’ve got – E.g. ‘a dollop of…’, ‘a morsel of…’, ‘a clump of…’, etc.

Writing:  Here is a set of slides for you to follow in order to practice your understanding of partitives and to write your own poem about Mr. Twit’s beard, using your own choice of partitives…

How to write a poem about Mr. Twit’s Beard

Here are our daily warm-up activities this week for you to practice your English Skills at home too…

Daily English skills week beg 22 June

Comprehension:  Poem ‘The Cockerel Proclaims

Here are our daily warm-up activities this week for you to practice your Maths Skills at home too…

Daily Maths skills week beg 22 June

Maths:  Word problems to use mental subtraction techniques

Subtraction word problems

Sports:  We have also been taking part in the National School Sports Week 2020 through doing 30 minutes of activity Monday to Friday.  Take up the same challenge at home and send me pictures of any activities you’ve been keeping fit with this week.  Here is an overview of the 5 different physical tasks we’ve done and photos of us doing them:

Art:  We learned to draw like Quentin Blake.  Have a go at drawing Mr. Twit using this video link to help you…


Take a look at our work!  It’s just amazing!!

We also built dens in the ‘forest’ and painted sticks to hang our own decorations:

RE Y3 Home learning and Background Notes Final