Hello everyone!

Here’s our overview of this week’s work:

Y3 Home Learning Overview.docx

All you need for English

Daily Practice for English:

Daily English skills week beg 6 July

Speak these sentences and choose ‘is’ or ‘are’/’was’ or ‘were’ appropriately:

is are was were twits



All you need for Maths

Daily Practice for Maths:

Daily Maths skills week beg 6 July

Have a go at solving these division problems:

Mrs. Whitelaw’s Medieval Division Problems

More of Mrs. Whitelaw’s Medieval Division Problems

Can you answer any of these division problems given in Y6 SATs?  Bet you can!!

division qs

All you need for other Curriculum learning


Design and build your own PE circuit like we did!


Try drawing a portrait of Mohammed Ali like we did…

Mohammed Ali


Continue to test your skills on countries of Europe and their capitals.


Try our BIG QUIZ about where we live…  What do you know?  Questions are at the end of the information slides:

All about Tyne and Wear