Year 2 Home Learning 26.6.20

Year 2 Home Learning 26.6.20

Hello Year Two,

It has been a wonderfully sunny week and that is my favourite type of weather so I have been enjoying the sun when I can. I hope you have had an opportunity to enjoy the good weather too. I also hope you have learnt some exciting things this week and are ready to learn some more.


Last week I asked you to read The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter and have a go at sequencing the story. As you will have read Peter ends up in a bit of trouble when he gets caught by Mr McGregor after he sneaked into his garden. This week I want you to have a go at creating your own Beatrix Potter character and writing your own story. Your character needs to be an animal that you would find in England. This means that your character cannot be something like a lion or a rhino because, thankfully, we do not see those roaming around our local forests and gardens. Your character needs to be an animal like a fox or a duck, something you might see on your family walks. If you are feeling stuck you could have a read of other stories by Beatrix Potter to meet more of her characters and to inspire your own story writing. Below are more characters and some word mats to help with your English work this week. I look forward to reading your Beatrix Potter style stories!


I have also included a overview of the spellings for the summer term. Try to find someone to test you at home.


This week in Mr McGregor’s garden we will be thinking about the life cycle of a plant. Plants are living things so they follow a life cycle as they grow. If you are carrying out the science experiment by planting seeds in different conditions to observe which grows best then remember to examine their growth this week. Which plant is growing best? Can you identify anything different about how the plants are growing? If possible, measure your plants with a ruler. You could record your scientific data in a table. This will help you reach a conclusion at the end of your experiment.


This week we will be thinking about the capital city of China and comparing it to our capital city.


Paddington Bear is in the capital city of England. Can you name the city? Can you name the landmark he is visiting? Then in Asia the panda bear is also visiting a landmark in the capital city of China. Can you name the capital city? Can you name the landmark?


We will be comparing our modern toys this week to Victorian toys. This is a Victorian teddy bear. How does he compare to your teddy bear or soft toys?

Design and Technology

Your design and technology project is inspired by your geography. This week you can plan a model of The Great Wall of China. Draw your plan and think about what materials you will use. Then have a go at making your model. I look forward to seeing your creations.


I hope you enjoy completing your home learning this week. I enjoyed seeing your photos and lovely work last week. Please continue to send in your photos to show me how hard you are working.

Well done Year Two.

From Mrs Harman


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