Hello Year Two,

I hope you’ve had another successful week of home learning and that you have been keeping safe while enjoying more precious time with your family.

This week I’m going to give you some English and Maths activities to try out.



Last week I asked you to find out about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. I bet you discovered how amazing these two women were! This week you could use the information you gathered to create some non-fiction writing.

Biography: A biography tells the reader all about someone’s life and is written in the third person. You could write about either Florence Nightingale or Mary Seacole. You would need to include lots of facts and start from when they were born. You need to write it in the right order from their birth up until their deaths. A biography is about their whole lives.

Non-chronological report: A non-chronological report tells you lots of facts and information but it does not have to be in a particular order. You need to write in the third person and use subheadings for different paragraphs. You could even write about both nurses or pick just one.



This week you can show your families what you know about 3D shapes.

You need to find 3D shapes in your home and describe their properties. Properties include edges, vertices and faces.

How many edges does it have? Are the edges curved or straight?

How many vertices does it have?

How many faces does it have? What 2D shapes are the faces?

What shapes are similar? What shapes are different?

You could investigate the 3D shapes you have found in your house and sort them into groups. Group them by using their properties such as shapes with only straight edges, shapes with only curved edges, or shapes with both. How else could you group the 3D shapes you have found? You could create a Venn diagram to show what you have discovered about real life 3D shapes.


Please send any work you do to school as I really enjoy seeing what you are learning and getting up to at home. Enjoy your week and stay safe. Keep smiling!


From Mrs Harman