A message to Year 2 from Mrs Harman

A message to Year 2 from Mrs Harman

Dear Year Two,

I hope you have been having a super week and that you have been enjoying your fun home learning books. I imagine you have all been working hard so well done for all you have achieved this week.

For this coming week here are a few things you could try during your home learning.

In Maths you could partition your numbers in ones, tens and maybe even hundreds if you fancy a challenge. Think of two digit numbers or three digit numbers and have a go.

Remember: 23= 2 tens and 3 ones. |||…

When you are doing some amazing writing this week you could try to use an apostrophe. Have a practise at using it for contractions: cannot becomes can’t. As well as having a go at using it for possession: Jim’s lunch.

Finally if you read a book that you enjoy this week you could make a poster about it. You could draw your favourite character and write about something funny or memorable that happened during the story. Remember to include the author’s name and the title of the story. You could then share these beautiful posters with me as I love to see what you have been reading.

Best wishes,

Mrs Harman