Dear Year 1,

Mrs Maddison 2 and I are missing you all very much!

I hope you’ve been enjoying our dinosaur topic so far?

I have loved receiving so many emails about the things you’ve been making and the dinosaur stories you’ve been reading. I bet some of you have done some super dinosaur adventure work! I know there has been lots of fantastic measuring going on.

This week we would have been learning about Mary Anning in History. Do you know who she was? There’s a lovely video you can watch –

if we had been in school we would have watched it together. Then I would have asked you to pretend to be Mary Anning (like we did when Mr Fisher was Neil Armstrong) and asked lots of questions about what you did. I wonder if you can write a fact file about her life or draw pictures about the important things she did. I wonder if you can tell me what she called the things she found.

In Art, we would have made our own fossils like the ones Mary Anning Found. We would have used the toy dinosaurs and pressed them into some clay to make a mould. Then we would have poured a special plaster into the mould and left it to dry. If you want to try this at home you could use salt dough (flour, water and salt) to make the fossil. You could roll it and shape it to make a fossil shape. If you don’t have any dinosaurs you could use pencils or forks to make patterns in the dough. I wonder if you can make your own fossils and take some photographs.

In DT we would have made our own habitat for herbivore dinosaurs. Using an old box, paints and some card we would have created a habitat filled with all of the things a herbivore would need to survive. What kind of things would we put in? I wonder if you can make your own at home.

In Science we would have looked at plants and then planted our own sunflowers. We would have learnt about what the seed needed to grow. Then we would have kept a diary to see how tall it has grown. Would it grow as tall as a dinosaur? Have you got any plants at home that you have grown? Have you got any seeds that you could plant? I wonder if you can keep a diary about the plant and how long it takes to grow?

If you do any of our Dinosaur activities at home please don’t forget to ask your grown up to send them to our email address. Then I can see all of the amazing things you’ve been up too!

Hope to see you soon!

Remember be good, be brave and keep smiling!

Love Mrs Maddison xx