Hello Year 1

I hope you’ve had another lovely week and done lots of home learning. We’ve spent lots of time outdoors this week enjoying the warm weather.

This week we have been reading the story ‘ After The Fall’. I wonder if you can guess who it’s about?

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading what happened! In Maths we’ve been practicing our Subtraction again. Just to make sure we haven’t forgotten the important rule of putting the biggest number before the take away symbol.

Here is the table of activities for home learning this week:

Home learning week 3

Here are the task sheets and links you could use to complete the activities if you wanted to:



Subtraction Numicon


Diary Template

Subtraction within 10 Colouring

Subtraction within 20 Colouring


Subtraction Word Problems


Game Board

Challenge and Chance Cards

As always, if you do any of our activities at home please don’t forget to ask your grown up to send them to our homelearning@stcolumbasprimary.co.uk email address.

Then I can see all of the amazing things you’ve been up too!

Remember be good, be brave and keep smiling!

Love Mrs Maddison xx