Following the full reopening of school, Home Learning is taking a slightly different form.
Please see the information below, linked ‘Remote Learning Policy’ and attached scenarios to learn more.

Home Learning will no longer be uploaded to the school website. It will be sent via a year group specific email address. Staff will also use ‘Seesaw’ to support the evidence base for work completed at home.

The activities uploaded from March – July 2020 will remain in this section of the website if parents are looking for any additional work or ideas during periods of isolation or holidays.

If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact school.



There a number of different reason why pupils may need to self-isolate, some of these include:


Individual pupils isolating due to: showing symptoms, waiting for a test outcome or family circumstances.

Groups of children asked to isolate due to a positive case identified in school.

Whole class, including class teacher, asked to isolate due to a positive test case identified in school.


In these instances, home learning will be provided. These activities will begin the day AFTER parents have informed school that their child will be isolating. For children at home awaiting a test outcome, home learning will begin AFTER confirmation of a positive test result for themselves or a family member.

Home learning activities will be emailed directly to parents, from class teachers, by 9am from our dedicated year group home learning email accounts. The email will include attachments and links to all of the resources that your child needs. Pupils isolating at home should complete the work and return via email within a suitable time period. This work will then be saved  on SeeSaw under ‘Home Learning’ in the pupil’s individual file. Simple feedback and support will be given to parents via email or telephone call, as appropriate.


For further information, please see our Remote Learning Policy and attached scenarios documentation.

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Scenarios – EYFS and Y1

Remote Learning Scenarios – Y2 to Y6