Nursery Home Learning – 8.6.20

Nursery Home Learning – 8.6.20

Hello Nursery,

I hope you are all well. I still miss you all very much and think about you often. So much so, I started to look through some photographs of us all together. They made me smile and reminded me of what a wonderful class of kind, amazing friends you all are! I hope you enjoy them too.


In RE our topic is ‘Friends.’

You will be missing your friends who you haven’t been able to see and play with during lockdown. It’s important for your grown ups to emphasise the positives of looking forward to seeing friends again and being with them in the future. Please find below the ‘Come and See Reconciliation Topic Resources for Home Learning.’

Early Years Home Learning and Background Notes for Parents (1)

As part of this topic we would usually be coming together to sing ‘The More We Get Together.’ This can be found on You Tube to sing at home as a family.

Estimation Station

In maths this week I thought it would be nice to do some estimating, counting and comparing. Children often enjoy guessing, “How many are in the jar?” and then counting to see who is right. They get excited by big numbers! Adults could provide a clear plastic jar with a number of things in it and change these daily. Filling a big jar with really small things will give children the experience of what large numbers look like.

The Activity
Children guess how many things are in the jar, then count to find out. Encourage the children to put the items in a row and count with their pointy finger. Older children can record their guesses on post-it notes and then put these in order to discuss which estimates were closest. Children who cannot write numerals can draw dots or lines on paper to show their estimates.

What do you notice?
How many can you see?
How do these stones compare with yesterday’s beads?

How many do you think there are? Why do you think that?
Will it be more or less than 10/20? A lot more/less? Or a little more/less?
Will it be between 1 and 10? A little or a lot more than this? Or less than this?
How many can you see? How many do you think are hidden?
Was your guess more or less than the actual count?
Was your guess very close/way out? Why do you think that was?
Can you put the estimates in order on a board/washing line?

Opening Out
Are there more or less than yesterday? Why do you think that?
What if we fill it up again, but with the little bears?
How many do you think will fit in the tall jar/the matchbox/the crate? Is there a quicker way to count?

In school this week we have been reflecting on all the lovely things that we have been doing at home with our families. We completed the ‘All About Me’ booklet below. You might like to try this reflective activity at home. We have also been recapping on how to wash our hands and discussing the people who are in our close friends and family bubbles.

all about me Lockdown 2[858]

family discussion cards

Julia Donaldson Covid story posters

Wash your hands ordering

when to wash your hands poster

who is in my bubble

I hope you all have a wonderful week! If nothing else, pop on your wellies and go splashing in the puddles! Miss O’Connor loves the rain and it certainly has cheered me up!