Nursery Home Learning – 6.7.20

Nursery Home Learning – 6.7.20

Hi Nursery,

It seems like such a long time ago that we were all together. I still think of you all each day and wonder what you are all up to? Parents, I still think of you all too, and the amazing job that you continue to do. After all this time, I would guess that keeping your little ones busy is at times very difficult. I pondered on this weeks blog and asked myself what would really engage the children and make them laugh? As an Early Years Teacher, I know for certain that the thing three and four year olds love the most is ‘toilet humour.’ I could write a very entertaining book on some of the funny conversations we have together. So this week I thought we would throw caution to the wind and look at the story ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet.’ This book may not be for everyone and if you would prefer to choose a different dinosaur book title that is absolutely fine! I will leave it with you. The thing to focus on with these stories is the rhyming words and the rhythmic way that they are read.

Alternative story: Stomp Dinosaur Stomp


Below are some dinosaur activities to engage your child.




Gather things from around your house to make your own dinosaur or rocket. Use tubes, cups, cereal boxes and think about the shapes you would want to create. This would be a good opportunity to introduce your child to 3D shapes. At this time of year we would usually be learning the difference between a flat 2D shape and a solid 3D shape. Focus on sphere, cuboid, cylinder and pyramid. I have provided some extension activities relating to 3D shapes.

3D shapes around you

Does it roll

Naming 3D shapes

Have a wonderful week!

Best wishes as always,

Miss O’Connor