Nursery Home Learning (29.6.20)

Nursery Home Learning (29.6.20)

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely week in the sun! We have had lots of fun at school. The Reception children had a wonderful time outdoors exploring various forms of water play. It reminded me of all the fabulous activities and learning opportunities that water gives us. Here are a few of my favourites. All of these things are easy to set up, using things that you have around the house. I have never met a child who doesn’t enjoy water play!

Sink or Float Experiment

This easy water play activity is a fun way to teach children how to make predictions and draw conclusions about density and buoyancy. Through their observations, they’ll learn that buoyant objects float and dense objects sink, and if they want to be true little scientists, they can even record their predictions.

Painting with Water

Painting letters with water is one of our favourite outdoor activities in summer. It’s a fun pre-writing activity for pre-school children, and a great way for older children to practice writing letters, numbers and sight words. It’s a great activity for young children who are learning how to print, and a terrific way for school-aged children to brush up on their skills over the summer. Bonus: it doubles as a fun water activity for a hot day!


Perfume Factory

Hands up, who can remember making perfume as a child? A pretend play perfume factory is always a hit with children who love making concoctions. Measuring, pouring, snipping leaves and flowers from the garden and exploring small instruments and glass bottles make this activity educational and fun.

Frozen Fractals Ice Play

If your child is a fan of the Disney movie “Frozen”, this ice play set up will be a huge hit. Frozen Fractals Soup: a cool and refreshing play idea for a hot summer day! Tongs are also a fantastic tool for fine motor development.

Laundry Day Pretend Play

Now, maybe laundry day isn’t a huge hit with us adults, but I’ll tell you, children LOVE washing doll clothes and face cloths in a big bowl of water and hanging them on their clothes line.

I hope you all enjoy at least ‘one’ water activity this week! Nothing better than ending with a song!

Best wishes from Miss O’Connor xx