Nursery Home Learning – 22.6.20

Nursery Home Learning – 22.6.20

Hi Nursery,

How are you all doing? The weather hasn’t been so good this week. I have received some lovely photos of you all continuing to do wonderful activities at home. I especially love that you are planting things. I bet if you planted something when you left Nursery, it is growing really big now. Below are some further ideas for instant fun! I particularly like the ice cube painting, shadow drawing and the letter islands.


Following on from last weeks ‘seaside’ mini topic, I thought it would be nice this week to look at ‘Under the Sea.’ Try making an under the sea creature. What will you need? Can you make a list? When you’ve finished you could write some instructions so someone else could have a go. Ask your grown up to scribe for you. Use the pictures from to inspire a story. What’s happening in the picture? What happened before? What will happen next? Can you make up a story from the picture? Although you wont be able to write a story as yet, you could copy some key words.



The children going to Reception class in September could challenge themselves and have a go at completing the addition sheet below. Begin using the mathematical language of ‘add’ ‘equals’ and how many ‘altogether.’ If you do not know how to write numbers you can copy them from your grown up.


Singing always makes me happy so why not learn some songs linked to ‘Under the Sea.’

Have a wonderful week exploring the ‘under the sea’ mini topic and don’t forget to send me your wonderful photos!